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Revenue Management Services

RM Consulting by RM Academy works side by side with the hotels, working as part of the team in the execution of the pilars of Revenue Management, as Segmentation, Yield Management, Forecast, Distribution and Strategic Plan.


At RM Consulting we allow companies to have full control of their business, while maximizing revenue and benefiting from the know-how of our consultants.

Our Clients at RM Consulting


Hotels in Consultancy

“Revenue Management is a science and an art.

The science part is as strong as the knowledge one can develop about the clients, while the art part is as successful as the amount of time invested in analysis and definition of strategies.”

Rudi Azevedo

CEO & Founder @RM Academy

A Service Designed According to Your Needs

RM Consulting by RM Academy allows hoteliers to offer the best experience to their guests, while reaching their goals in terms of levels of occupancy, ADR and RevPAR.


Our main goal is to help you position your hotel in the best way in your competitive set, increasing your sales and simultaneously otimizing your cost structure, in order to monetize even more your business.

RM Consulting Services

Revenue Management Diagnosis


The RM Consulting team carries an extent and in-depth diagnosis of your unit(s), based on public information and provided by the client, and makes recommendations which the team considers to elevate your unit to the next level.

Revenue Management Outsourcing


We implement a 360-degree strategy in your company, so that the processes run naturally, always in favor of increasing profitability, that is, we work in a transversal way with the various departments so that the entire structure is proactive, efficient and aware of the importance of the individual in the collective.

Online Distribution Channels Management


Our team’s mission is to become part of the hotel’s management structure and collaborate as if it were a member of the hotel, assuming the responsibility for maximizing results, in this case through efficient channel management.

Revenue Management Objectives

Increase of Profitability

Online Distribution Optimization

Definition of Strategies

Search for New Markets


Reaching All Potential

Achieved Results


Increase in Occupany (2019)


Increase in ADR (2019)


Increase in RevPAR (2019)

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Testimonials of Our Clients

“The support provided by RM Academy in the restructuring of our 2 units was invaluable for our team, both commercial and operational.

By opting for RM Academy’s consultancy, we gained time to focus on the operational areas of the 2 units, because with so many RM systems and the immense software configurations it would have been very difficult to achieve the performance we had designed.

It has been great as we speak almost every day!

The personalized support by Mr. Hugo Esteves, with the aditional help of Mr. Rudi, has been really important, specially in the time we are currently going through.

It was definitely an excellent investment!”

Jacinta Marto

Manager @ SA Hotels

“The vast experience of the RM Academy team was the right choice to define the most appropriate strategy and positioning for our hotel. I cannot fail to highlight the availability and dedication of Rudi Azevedo and his team, to the constant changes and recurring updates in this business area, which contributed to the success. I definitely recommend RM Academy services! ”

Teresa Lopes

General Manager @ Hotel O Artista 5*