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RM Academy will perform 30 training sessions in 2019

The RM Academy announced this Friday, November 23, that it has “ambitious objectives for the year 2019” and that they are carrying out 30 training courses, which are already available for registration, through the website www.rm

“Introduction to Revenue Management, Forecast and Distribution” and “Introduction to e-Commerce in Hospitality” are two of the initiation courses that the RM Academy will promote in 2019, both lasting eight hours, from 09:30am to 7:00pm, and with a cost of 175 euros, plus VAT.

In addition to the initiation courses, RM Academy will also promote advanced courses in “Revenue Management and Digital Performance for Commercial Departments” with a duration of 30 hours and a cost of 499 euros plus VAT, resulting in five different days, Fridays and Saturdays, between 6:30pm to 10:00 pm, and 9:30 am to 7:00pm, respectively.

“All the courses include a certificate of participation and coffee-break and will run from North to South and Islands,” adds the RM Academy in a statement sent to the press, which also notes that registrations made until 31 December enjoy a discount of 10%.

In 2019, not only the RM Academy will have these training courses available, it also plans to invest on an in-company training, with several options developed specifically for the needs of its clients as well as look for new projects related to RM and Sales consultancy

“Allied to the new formations launched, RMA bets on the in-company formations, this is, the course can be adjusted and designed accordingly to the specific requirements and characteristics of each company. Allowing the possibility to adapt from module of initiation training to the module of advanced training, based on the needs of each reality.” explains RM Academy in the same information.

In terms of Consulting and Outsourcing, the objective is essentially “to provide assistance to hotels and other accommodation units, with the guarantee of increasing all KPIs”, since, he adds, “not all hotels have in their human resources, a full-time Revenue Manager “.

The RM Academy trainings were developed by specialists in techniques and strategies in the areas of Revenue Management, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing.

More information through contacts 967566491 or, as well as through the website

Source: Publituris 23 November 2018