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RM Academy Launches Introduction to Revenue Management, Forecast and Distribution Training

On the 1st of December, the RM Academy will launch a new training on Introduction to Revenue Management, Forecast and Distribution, which aims to deepen the “management methodology and teach how to make a projection on occupancy, demand, segment forecasts, average price, when, how and why among other variables besides also teaching how to act against (dis) parity and its relation with the metasearch.

According to the RM Academy, the training will be “mainly hands-on, through a learning process based on the execution and analysis of data in various systems” available. It is expected, by the end of the course, that the trainees will have acquired “an in depth knowledge of this style of managing”; know how to Implement  a forecast strategy which allows them to anticipate different scenarios, as well as knowing how to manage the distribution, in order to maximize the profits and increase the unit revenue.

“The entire training program was designed by Hugo Freitas, a specialist in Revenue Management´s techniques and strategies, with experience from IHG, Ritz Carlton and Sana, and also from his experience and skill in this specific area. All the content worked on will be based on relevant cases and practical exercises where they can apply what they´ve learnt, which will enable the trainees to have the necessary skills to translate theory into actual practice, “adds RM Academy.

The training will last for eight hours, running from 09:30 to 19:00, and costs 199 euros, including training, certificate of participation and coffee-break. For associates / members of AHRESP, ADHP and ATC there is a discount of 10%, not cumulative with other discounts in force.

More information through contacts 967566491 or, as well as through the website

Source: Publituris 15 November 2018