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Through a combined diagnosis, we adapt according to the needs of the hotel manager in order to identify how to improve results, set goals and assist in the construction of your Revenue Management project.

To achieve this, RM Academy has developed several in-company training models. The course can be adjusted and designed accordingly to the specific requirements and characteristics of each company. Allowing the possibility to adapt from module of initiation training to the module of advanced training, based on the needs of each reality.

Once the needs of the company have been identified and the objectives defined, a personalized training proposal is prepared, according to the level of knowledge of the company participants.

Since our focus is the client, it is our concern to ensure that we suggest the appropriate training. Moreover we adapt the trainer to the needs of each element and provide the required content adjusted accordingly. Once we have the personalized proposal, we follow the five steps below:

      1. Meet with those responsible;
      2. Conduct a questionnaire for participants;
      3. Identify the themes and degree of knowledge for the training in question;
      4. Select and assign the right trainer, based on the theme chosen and its area;
      5. Submit the final proposal for approval.

Available packages range from greater than or equal to 50 hours, from 50 hours to 100 hours and more than 100 hours.

What does in-company training mean?

This is custom training, unique to your organization.

How long does an in-company training last?

It will depend on the content you require in the training, but we have pre-designed training from 8 hours to 30 hours, and we have packages ranging from ≤ 50 hours, from 50 hours to 100 hours and> 100 hours, for custom formations with a more intensive practical component.

Is the content adapted to my needs and my knowledge?

Precisely, this is why is a custom and unique training.

Is it necessary to have basic knowledge to integrate in-company training?

No, it is not necessary.

What are the differences between an in-company training and other training in the RM area?

The main difference is that in-company training is adapted to your needs and prior knowledge, which results in a more specific and beneficial training for customers.

“Our commitment is essentially to help Hotels and other accommodation units to generate the revenue that they have not yet discovered, with the guarantee of increasing all KPIs.”

Rudi Azevedo
(Managing Partner@ RM Academy)