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Our team of consultants, with solid knowledge and extensive experience in Revenue Management and Distribution, will be the right choice when defining and implementing strategies to maximize your company’s results.

Revenue Management Consultancy Misson

Our mission is to be committed to growth through an independent analysis of the current state of your company and the potential that it has to accomplish, adjusting its hotel unity to the context in which it operates.

This analysis involves the following phases:

  1. Revenue Management Audit (global sale strategy – online and offline; the culture of revenue management; historical analysis and future trends; price point; distribution strategy – online and offline; channel manager optimization);
  2. Revenue Management Process Optimization (eliminate shortcomings and reduce sales costs, generating, in this way, a better performance);
  3. Development of Strategies and Plans (positioning against competition; price strategy; business mix; decision-making based on reports and tools; internal communication; e-commerce strategy; competition performance trends; distribution via channel manager).

Team Mission

Our team mission is to incorporate the management structure of the hotel and employees as if it were a member of it, taking responsibility for maximizing results.
This team will implement the best practices absorbed over decades of experience, in the most varied international hotel chains, in order to optimize the financial performance of your company.
We will help your company to position itself advantageously against the competitive market in which it is located.

Study of Competition

RM Academy aims to list and analyze the main competition of your hotel, to evaluate the price position, individually, regarding the offer of its products.
A comparison will be made between weaknesses and strengths, to facilitate the conclusion of the price / quality ratio that your hotel should present against its competition.

Distribution Strategy

A benchmarking distribution will be carried on.
This analysis involves:

  1. Management perception of the stay: the duration of the stay and their prices by channels;
  2. Distribution management of your hotel: the stock availability and the rates distribution in high and low demand periods.

The main focus will be to hire new direct distribution channels.

Price Strategy

RM Academy will conduct benchmarking price analysis, a pricing comparion of strategies stipulated by your main competition and hotel. This analysis goes not only through the study of public prices but also through corporate rates.

Price Grid

RM Academy will review your hotel’s price list to re-adjust or build a new chart, as well as recommend new pricing strategies against demand (for high and low seasons).
The corporate prices charged will be re-evaluated with your sales / reservations team.

Demand Calendar

RM Academy will create or review your demand calendar. After it, the daily demand per period will be analyzed, in order to establish daily rate strategies.

Forecasting Model

After a market segmentation study, RM Academy will implement a forecasting model which ensures that the existing demand for individual segment is targeted more efficiently, in terms of marketing strategies, sales and prices.

Online Distribution Strategy

RM Academy will implement an action plan, which aims to revise or hire online and offline distribution channels.

Rate Strategy Sheet

RM Academy will develop spreadsheets for monthly rate strategies such as:

  1. Pricing strategies by distribution channels;
  2. Price rate strategy scheduled for one year.

Rate Loading

RM Academy will review tariff management to ensure that all fees, including corporates, are properly presented on the electronic distribution channels.

Customized Training Programs

The Revenue Management Academy has developed several in-company training models.
The courses can be designed to the measure and according to the specific requirements and characteristics of each company, being possible to adapt from the module for beginners to the module of advanced training.

“Our contracts are flexible and adaptable to each reality, and companies can choose the services they want, in order to obtain a budget that suits them.”

Rudi Azevedo
(Managing Partner@ RM Academy)