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“Our contracts are flexible and adaptable to each reality, and companies can choose the services they want, in order to obtain a budget that suits them.”

“We allow companies to have complete control over their business, while maximizing revenue and benefiting from the know-how of our consultants.”

Rudi Azevedo
(Managing Partner@ RM Academy)


Our team of consultants, with solid knowledge and extensive experience in Revenue Management and Distribution, will be the right choice when defining and implementing strategies to maximize your company’s results.
Our commitment to growth is to carry out an independent analysis of the current state of your company and the potential that it has to accomplish, adjusting its unity to the context in which it operates.

This analysis involves the following phases:

1. Revenue Management Audit

  1. Global Sale Strategy (online and offline)
  2. The Culture of Revenue Management
  3. Historical Analysis and Future Trends
  4. Price Point
  5. Distribution Strategy (online and offline)
  6. Channel Manager Optimization

2. Revenue Management Process Optimization
This phase of the optimization of the RM strategy is the moment in which we eliminate shortcomings and reduce sales costs, generating, in this way, a better performance.

To draw this path, we propose the following 5 steps:

  1. Identification
  2. Analysis
  3. Elaboration
  4. Training
  5. Results

3. Development of Strategies and Plans
Our team of consultants will be attentive to every aspect of your business and will propose a series of measures that include:

  1. Positioning against competition
  2. Price strategy
  3. Business mix
  4. Decision-making based on reports and tools
  5. Internal Communication
  6. e-Commerce Strategy
  7. Competition performance trends
  8. Distribution via Channel Manager

4. Customized Training Programs

The Revenue Management Academy has developed several in-company training models.
The courses can be designed to the measure and according to the specific requirements and characteristics of each company, being possible to adapt from the module for beginners to the module of advanced training.
In practice, it will be a joint work in order to design the best program according to the needs of each reality.



1. Sometimes an external view is what you need to put yourself ahead of your competition.
You may need a quick review of the status of your business, as far as revenue maximization is concerned; you may just want to increment all your KPIs; you may still want to only have a service that does not represent a fixed cost every month.
Whatever the challenge, we can be the solution.

2. Our consultants are specialized in increasing the performance of hotel companies.
Our team joins the management structure of the hotel and will collaborate as if it were a member of it, taking responsibility for maximizing results.
This team will implement the best practices absorbed over decades of experience, in the most varied international hotel chains, in order to optimize the financial performance of your company.
We will help your company to position itself advantageously against the competitive market in which it is located.