Created in January 2018, RM Academy promises to revolutionize the panorama of specialized training for hotels in Portugal. It has a team of professionals with proven experience in the sector, a portfolio of 16 specific training in Revenue Management (RM) and currently manages some hotel units. All their training is duly certified by the DGERT and is an added value for the units that seek specialized training in this area, the statement said.
The company’s objective for 2018 is ambitious, it has to launch about 30 training courses and acquire management of the Revenue, Sales and Marketing departments of 10 national hotel units. The project managers are Rudi Azevedo and Elga Costa (pictured), who have a great professional experience and have developed important activities in the level of education and teaching in Higher Education.
Rudi Azevedo has served in groups such as AC Hotels by Marriott, Sol Melia, Relais Chateaux, and InterContinental Hotels Group, Leading Hotels of the World in Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing positions. Elga Costa has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and business communication. Since 2001, he has been teaching at the Higher School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Polytechnic of Oporto and Coordination of Extension Units, as was the example of the Porto School Hotel.
“The Revenue Management Academy (RMA) arises after we have detected this gap in the training market, but also because of the sudden increase in hotel units that lack more technical knowledge in the areas in which we intervene. For this reason we also have an area of ​​Consulting and Outsourcing, “said its founders, Rudi Azevedo and Elga Costa.
The RMA was developed with the mission of being a recognized source of knowledge and an inspiring force for the hotel industry. The focus of the Revenue Management Academy is the development of professionals in the active and / or future professionals whose passion is the hotel industry.
The specialized training offer covers the following areas:
– Revenue Management
– E-Commerce
– Digital marketing
Its team of trainers is highly specialized in the area of ​​Revenue Management and currently active in the most diverse international hotel brands. They will allow a level of knowledge that is not yet available in the training market in Portugal, say those responsible.
“We have developed a training platform for Revenue Management, Global Sales and Digital Marketing, based on the knowledge acquired over more than a decade in the most diverse hotel brands with a dominant position in the global market,” says Rudi Azevedo.
In the Consulting field, the commitment is to provide assistance to hotels and other accommodation units, with the guarantee of increasing all KPIs. The entire team of consultants, with solid knowledge and extensive experience in Revenue Management, “will be the natural choice when defining and implementing strategies to maximize results by potential partners,” says Elga Costa.
The Academy’s commitment is to carry out an independent analysis of the current state of its company and the potential that it has to accomplish, adjusting its unity to the context in which it operates. In the cases of consulting, a project manager is highlighted and a team is defined, with consultants and responsible of the areas to be intervened. Rudi Azevedo and Elga Costa explain that the services themselves may vary. These services can go through market studies, concept development, analysis, implementation of positioning or distribution strategies. The RMA’s work is mainly due to the specialized training in RM, but also to an improvement in the efficiency of the hotel units, as well as the “ability to boost their revenues”, thus obtaining clear results in the performance of each unit.
“There is no one on the market with this structure and we believe that we are creating a space to explore” conclude Rudi Azevedo and Elga Costa.

Source: Ambitur of March 21, 2018