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The Revenue Management Academy (RMA) provides on-site training on Revenue Management, Electronic Distribution and Digital Marketing for Hotels.

The Revenue Management Academy is presented with 15 diferent courses, the initiation training has a duration of 1 day (8 hours) and the advanced training of 5 days (30 hours).

Initiation Training:
1. Introduction to RM
2. Importance and implementation of Forecasting / Forecasting
3. MIS & Targeting
4. Principles of price strategy (b2c, b2b, b2b2c, …)
5. Principles of Distribution (content)
6. Introduction to e-Commerce in Hotel Management
7. Digital Marketing
8. The Role of OTA’s & TPI’s in the distribution
9. Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
10. Digital Marketing II

Advanced Training:
11. RM and Digital Performance for General Directors
12. RM and Digital Performance for Commercial Departments
13. Customer loyalty through digital marketing
14. Pricing Strategy and Distribution Channels
15. Advanced Certification in RM and Digital Marketing

This training offer is intended for Hospitality professionals or future professionals in the area of Tourism and Hospitality, aiming to provide the necessary update to the knowledge previously acquired, indispensable for the creation of the adequate strategies in response to the constant economic and financial changes.
The entire training offer will include simultaneous knowledge of the latest Online Sales (GDS, OTA’s, …) and Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, …) tools.

“Focused on providing ongoing training for CEOs, Sales & Marketing professionals, Front Office & Reservations and, above all, ensuring that the knowledge and skills acquired can provide them with the desired career development, RMA is on the market also focused on providing future professionals with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to enter the labour market, and for that purpose, a platform for partnerships.”

Rudi Azevedo
(Managing Partner@ RM Academy)