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Does the Academy have a physical location?

Yes, we have facilities at Rua Doutor Alfredo de Magalhães, 60. The location of our facilities does not mean that all formations (initials or advanced) are given here. Since the trainings are organized to go through from North to South of the Country, each trainings will have a specific venue, usually in a Hotel in the city where it takes place. This information is always mentioned in the trainings itself.

What is the difference between Beginner and Advanced training?

At RM Academy, initiation training lasts 8 hours, runs on saturdays and is given by a guest trainer, a professional who works in the RM area. This training offer is aimed at professionals or future professionals in the area of Tourism and Hospitality and are face-to-face. The goal is for trainees to get an update on what they have learned and to have the tools that best prepare them to create strategies in the face of constant economic and financial changes, giving them the latest tools of Online Sales (GDS, OTAs, …) and Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, …).
Advanced training lasts 30 hours, runs on Fridays in the post-work hours and on Saturdays. In the end, the trainees acquire in-depth knowledge of the RM, its techniques and strategies and will have all the requirements and competences for its application in real and immediate context. They are recommended for Managers who have responsibility for revenue optimization in the Hosting, Sales & Marketing and General Management department.

When do the training inscriptions open?

The programs are available on our website and you can register whenever you feel to.

I want to attend the training, but I can not on the dates announced. What can I do?

Contact us to know what are you interested in. We will repeat the trainings throughout the year and we will try to do it at a date that suits you.

How do I know that the training is adapted to my level of knowledge?

We have information mentioned on the training page, for all the demanded pre requirements trainings.

Do I have to bring a computer?

Each trainee must take a portable computer, in order to fully understand the practical applications developed during the training period.

Are the training courses certified?

All participants receive a Certificate of Participation, signed by RM Academy Management. We are also awaiting the conclusion of the DGERT Certification process.

When I make more than three subscriptions, do I get any discounts?

When you make more than three subscriptions, you will have a 15% discount that cannot be combined with other discounts in effect.

How long does it take to issue my invoice?

Invoices are issued on the week of your application and after you are charged. If you would like to receive your invoice first, please let us know when you register.

How do I cancel my inscription?

All cancellations will be viewed case by case. If a valid justification is verified for the same cancellation, the amount paid for the training will be refunded or another person may attend the training in their place. For more information, please contact us explaining your situation.

What is the refund policy?

Cancellation up to 7 days before the training start: 100% refund of the amount paid or credit for another training or new edition of it. Cancellation up to 72 hours before the start of the training: no refund is given nor is it possible to attend another edition. In this case an alternate participant can be accepted to the enrolled, as long as it fits in the profile of participants of that specific course and group.