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RM Academy will perform 30 training sessions in 2019

The RM Academy announced this Friday, November 23, that it has “ambitious objectives for the year 2019” and that they are carrying out 30 training courses, which are already available for registration, through the website www.rm “Introduction to Revenue Management, Forecast and Distribution” and “Introduction to e-Commerce in Hospitality” are two of the initiation […]

RM Academy wants to launch 30 training actions in 2018

The first academy in Portugal exclusively aimed at training hotel managers specializing in Revenue Management, the RM Academy, created in January, has ambitious objectives for this year. With a team of experienced professionals, a portfolio of 16 specific training courses in the area of Revenue Management (RM) and already under management of some hotel units, […]

Rm Academy introduces to the market

Created in January 2018, the RM Academy, founded by Rudi Azevedo and Elga Costa, promises to revolutionize the panorama of specialized training for hotels in Portugal. With a team of professionals with proven experience in the sector, a portfolio of 16 specific training in Revenue Management (RM) and, currently, the management of some hotel units. […]